4 Simple Ways To Get Free Traffic

4 simple ways to get free traffic

How to get Free traffic isn’t the most frequent question asked by bloggers!

Well getting free traffic isn’t hard at all but it requires patience and a lot of hard work to get authority to your website and attract more traffic, and in this article, we will know 4 simple methods to help get free traffic.

Get free traffic to your website through SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a mechanism through which you improve your website to make it more compatible with search engine algorithms, which helps you to appear at the top of the search results. To attract free traffic directly because most clicks are usually distributed among the first three results only, you must apply effective SEO strategies to outperform your competitors!

Google this famous engine is the best source of free traffic among the sources of free traffic ever it is the most used search engine in the world and even imposes its sway over the entire world of the Internet – imagine the traffic that you can attract when your website appears on top Google search results, and even among the top three results!

The search engine optimization of your website is several procedures and practices that must be taken for your website to appear on the first page of results and among the top three results, which means that you will attract audiences who are looking for and interested in the content you provide, that is what you are looking for, so optimizing Google search results will help you to appear directly to those in the first results.

How do you get the highest free traffic from Google?

Get free traffic from Google with the following steps:

1. Build your website or blog!

You can do this for a pittance of money. Discover the best free web hosts + free domain names, along with the best free website builders.

Make sure that your website or blog reflects your true message and the specialization in which you provide your services, through the valuable content you create and the topics you choose, within your specialization.

Choose the templates through which you display your content on the site carefully, and make sure that they are easy to use, meet the needs of your visitors and motivate them to spend as long as possible on the site and return to obtain new valuable content.

The longer visitors spend on your site or blog and the more clicks and scrolling down or up to read and explore the content to benefit from it, the higher your site gets a rating from Google as it provides valuable content that can meet the needs of visitors and help them find what they want, which means the rise of your website In arranging the search results to the first positions, and our goal is to achieve the first three positions to attract the highest free traffic!

2. Choose your keywords carefully!

There are many free and paid tools that you can use to find the most frequently used keywords and phrases in searches for the topic you want to raise, presented to you according to the targeted geographical area, popularity or trend, monthly search volume and many other factors. Employing the most popular keywords in Google searches in your content on your site will enable Google’s crawlers to search for keywords in your content and display it in search results as the desired source of information that an internet user is looking for.

There are a lot of free SEO or Google search engine optimization tools and you will find the most important of them in this article!

Employ 3-5 keywords or key phrases per page, provided that all words are related in terms of topic and meaning, i.e. they may be synonyms or related phrases, for example:

cheap car

affordable car

The best cheapest cars of 2023

Each of these keywords must be used and distributed within the content at between 0.5% and 0.75% of the total number of words in the content. Assuming the article is 2,000 words long, strive to use keywords 10-15 times.

3. Make sure to use keywords in your HTML tags!

When Google crawlers scan the content on your website or blog, it uses certain places in the text to figure out what your content is about and to determine which target audience it should display in search results.

Therefore, you should be careful to include these tags and elements that appear to readers as regular text, provided that you use keywords in them, which are:

  • Google title or page title
  • Meta Description
  • Images, as well as including an image alt text (Alt Image)
  • Headings included on the page (H1, H2, H3…)

You can use the most popular tool YOAST to be able to add all these tags and specify their text values ​​on your page easily and accurately, and even preview how they appear in the search results in advance!

4. Build the links!

After creating the site and improving the textual content on it by employing the necessary keywords and phrases, you should now move on to building links, which indicate the value of the content that you convey to your content reader, and are an important measure in evaluating the strength of the page in particular and the website or blog in general.

There are three types of links that you can create on your website or blog:

Internal links: Links that direct the reader to important, content-related pages within your website.

External links: links that refer the reader to external sites where he can obtain additional information related to the topic you are raising (in the world of commission marketing, these links may be affiliate links to the pages of products/services that you promote or landing pages on advertisers’ sites and others, which are the most important links that You should use it to make money!)

Backlinks: These are links that refer readers from other websites to your site, and they are inbound links to your website from outside, and they are very important because they are the clearest evidence and measure of the value of the content that you create on your site or blog.

Building backlinks is usually paid since you need to attract visitors from trusted and popular sites and drive traffic in turn.

One of the most popular free ways to create backlinks is through guest posting or writing promotional articles on trusted sites that allow bloggers to do so, which benefits both parties: the main site offers its readers valuable content from a specialized blogger, and the specialized blogger or visiting blogger achieves greater reach To all visitors to the site where he posts his promotional article.

If you want to publish your promotional articles on other people’s websites or blogs, you can do so either for free or for money through websites and blogs that provide this service or allow external publications.


Now, if you applied these steps by improving SEO and build your website in a way that makes it rank among the top three results on search results and build links to get more authority, you will notice an increase in your monthly traffic volume.