11 Tips On How To Write A Top Ranking Content

11 Tips On How To Write A Top Ranking Content

It is no longer a secret to anyone that the steps of writing a top ranking content for your website are one of the most important basic attractions to make your site have a high position in the search engine results and also to provide a valuable top ranking content that the reader likes to benefit from, in addition to that this helps you in the marketing aspect. As if the reader finds your solutions, make sure that this will have an actual impact on his purchasing desire.

So this makes us address the factors that require work on them so that we can fully benefit from all these things.

Now let’s dive into the most important steps and elements when writing a top ranking content for your audience:

1- Choose a Good Title

Have you ever been attracted to the titles of some articles and desperately wanted to click on them and read their content?

Then after you click on them you find that it does not have the information you were looking for. (In our case, this is not the way) But this teaches us that choosing a good title will help make your content one of the top ranking content and provide you with a lot of monthly visits to your site.

2- Choose a Topic of Interest

Recently, there has been a proliferation of so-called (Trends) on social networks. This represents even a simple overview of the shift in interests in the social community on the Internet. Therefore, whoever writes the content must provide articles to meet these Trends, taking into account the context of the site’s work or the field whose needs you wish to meet.

3- Use Tools And Platforms

To know what people are searching for, to know what they are asking about, and to write a top ranking content that gives them the answer, information and details they want, you can search platforms like Quora and Reddit easily.

You also have the popular tool “Answer The Public”, which provides all the frequently asked questions about your target topic.

4- Good Selection of Keywords

The majority of users get acquainted with new blogs or sites through their blogs. When searching for a specific keyword on the search engine, we are directed to a specific site as a result of our recent search.

This is the importance of good use of keywords, and you can search for the most important words that are used to write a new top ranking content and the search rate on it through the keyword planner.

5- How To Write

Do not make your writing as if it were a lecture and words written one after the other. This is a very wrong way to talk to readers. Your character must appear in your words. You don’t talk to machines, they are people like you and me. The reader must feel that you are talking to him and asking questions through your words.

6- Continuous Improvement of Content

By tracking the performance of your content you can infer quick and valuable ways you can use to improve your content strategy in the future. Ideally, you should have a simple chart that allows you to clearly measure the performance of your content. The data you track depends on your goals and what your content looks like.

7- Content of The Article

The content of your article must be well organized, making it easy for the eye to access all its details. The introduction of the article must have space. And some lists should have a title (if possible) as long as they are not within the scope of normal conversation. And if there are quotes, then the size or choice of its format must be taken into account, and so on. All these things give an aesthetic character to the eye, which avoids losing the reader.

8- Review Your Content For Errors

The presence of errors in your article is completely unprofessional way if you want to write a top ranking content, and considered evidence of the site or article owner’s indifference to giving time to pay attention to the article, so why should the reader care? Attention must be paid to the points at the end of the sentences, commas, etc.

9- Taking Into Account The Mention of Sources

Sometimes we need to quote from other sites some sentences or pictures and so on. The sources for these quotations must be mentioned. For two reasons, first: in appreciation of the effort of the author of this quote, and second: to avoid neglecting by search engines. This is also for personal honesty, as transferring the contents of others without mentioning them is completely immoral.

10- Content length

It is interesting that not many people realize the role that content length plays and its impact on content quality. Long content will help keep users on a particular page for a long period of time.

This tells Google that the content on your page is relevant to the user’s interests, as well as reaffirming to Google that it has returned results sufficiently relevant to what the user is searching for.

However, it’s also important to consider the enhanced experience offered by longer content, as you often can’t answer a question your audience is asking in less than a few hundred words.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should avoid stuffing in the content that you use on your website, Try not to include text that offers no value to the reader.
Although stuffing may help you achieve the length you want, it may remove the value your content provides.

11- Write Engaging Content

The reader who will interact with you must have read the entire topic, so that he feels confident writing you a comment, or referring to your article on his site.
Here are some tips that will help you write content that is able to provoke the reader to interact with it:
  • Ask questions to the reader.
  • Tell a good nice story, then ask the reader to tell his own story.
  • Ask the reader to add to the topic what he thinks is missing.


writing a top ranking content is not hard as it seems if you followed the steps discussed in this article. now it’s time to start your research and apply these steps and it’s a matter of time before you write your first top ranking content.